Statements of endorsement:
Columbia stands with us. 

We are building this page slowly! These are a few examples of endorsements we have received and we will continue to add more. Please contact us at if your campus or community group is interested in writing a formal statement of endorsement, whether long or short! Thank you so much to all those who have done so! 

Environmental Law Society at Columbia Law School

An excerpt from an amazing letter ELS delivered to President Bollinger in November 2015 (click through for full letter): 

As current students and future alumni, members of our organization are stakeholders in Columbia’s public reputation, financial solvency, and social integrity. We have and will invest much in the University in our lifetimes, in myriad ways—with tuition, scholarship, future financial support, and more—and are thereby both justified and obligated to take interest in the University’s financial holdings, and what they represent to the world. In particular, we find that complicity in financing the fossil fuel industry is not only a moral breach, but it is anathema to the spirit of progress, enterprise, and social innovation that embodies Columbia’s proud history.

Fossil fuel divestment will send a clear message to policymakers in the United States and worldwide that another respected global institution will no longer tolerate inertia and obstructionism on what is arguably the most critical—yet surmountable—issue facing this generation. Please support this initiative for Columbia University and what we represent.
— Environmental Law Society, Columbia Law School

Student-Worker Solidarity

Thank you SWS, for supporting our campaign since its inception!

Student Worker Solidarity supports Columbia and Barnard’s divestment from all fossil fuel companies. Climate change is an issue that affects all of us, but especially low and middle income communities around the world. Global capitalism drives the exploitation of workers as well as climate change, which dramatically impacts their health and safety. Columbia has a moral responsibility to divest from fossil fuels, as well as treating its workers with respect and dignity.

Columbia University Democrats

Thank you for your endorsement & support, CU Dems!

The Columbia University Democrats support Columbia Divest for Climate Justice’s campaign to divest Columbia University in the City of New York’s endowment from the top 200 publicly traded fossil fuel companies, as ranked by the potential carbon emissions content of their reported reserves.

We urge Columbia to acknowledge the political power of divestment and stand up for climate justice, remembering that those who are most affected by climate change are those who did the least to cause it. Columbia is not only a leader in the study of climate science, but an institution known and respected throughout the world as a major center of research and forward thinking. Columbia, when confronted with the global divestment movement, is clearly implicated in this debate.

By investing in, and profiting from, the fossil fuel industry, Columbia’s administration hinders urgently required political action. Fossil fuel investment at Columbia immorally contributes to governmental inefficacy in responding to climate justice concerns of underrepresented frontline communities. It demonstrates a disregard for the clear consensus of students, faculty, and alumni.

The Columbia Dems endorse divestment as a means of calling upon both our university and our peers to recognize the urgency of climate change, and avoid the patterns of complacency that currently plague climate politics. The social license of the extraction industry must be revoked. And we must do this as soon as possible, on all fronts.

The Columbia University College Democrats Executive Board
— CU Dems

The Beloved Earth Community at Riverside Church

Thank you to our neighbor, the beautiful & historic Riverside Church! October 2015: 

The Beloved Earth Community of The Riverside Church, a task force of the church’s Mission and Social Justice Commission, endorses Columbia Divest for Climate Justice’s campaign to divest fossil fuels from Columbia University’s endowment.

This month our community is releasing a detailed proposal, “Divest Riverside—To Foster Responsible Stewardship of All God’s Creation,” to our congregation calling for divestment of Riverside’s endowment from fossil fuels. We hope that both The Riverside Church and Columbia University will soon join our mutual neighbor, Union Theological Seminary, which announced its own divestment in 2014.

In addition to endorsing Columbia Divest for Climate Justice’s advocacy, The Beloved Earth Community would welcome any proposal of how we might assist in bringing about a successful outcome to your campaign.
— The Beloved Earth Community group, Riverside Church


Your favorite Columbia radio station endorsed CDCJ in October 2015: 

The Executive Board of WKCR communicates that WKCR-FM NY supports Columbia Divest for Climate Justice. The communities WKCR represents in the content that it broadcasts are typically those underrepresented in major decisions regarding climate change and those disproportionately affected by their outcomes. WKCR cannot condone Columbia’s profiting from this process by way of its investment in coal, oil, and gas. We support CDCJ’s efforts in urging Columbia to divest from the top 200 companies engaged in this industry.
— The WKCR Executive Board

Columbia University Students for Human Rights (CUSHR) 

We're honored to have CUSHR's November 2015 endorsement, explicitly tying divestment to climate justice: 

Columbia University Students for Human Rights (CUSHR) is proud to support the Barnard Columbia Divest movement. We strongly believe that our university should be divesting from funds and corporations that turn a profit while fundamentally making our world less sustainable. Although global warming affects all of our future livelihoods, CUSHR is particularly dismayed by the disproportionate impact of global warming on marginalized groups and indigenous peoples. It is imperative that our university divest from the fossil fuel industry in order to rid itself of its tacit support for the exploitation of these already marginalized groups.

More will be posted soon!