A message from the 2 students who left Low while 7 remain

This email was sent to Rules Administrator Suzanne Goldberg by Michael Glendinning, CC ' 17, and Nikita Perumal, GS '16, upon leaving the sit-in in Low tonight. Their statement speaks for itself, in courage and dedication.


Dear Suzanne Goldberg,

We are two of the students participating in the sit-in in Low Library. We, as you requested of us last night, would like to inform you that we have had to leave Low Library this evening.

However, we also wanted to let you know why we have chosen to leave. It is not because we have been intimidated by fear of violation of the rules, but rather that we made personal commitments that require us to leave Low. If we could return, we would. We write mainly to express that we do not want our early departure from Low Library to be taken into account in your investigative report. It is our request that you consider the duration of our stay in Low Library to be the same as that of our fellow seven activists.

Michael Glendinning and Nikita Perumal